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Cash-N-Go Kiosk

Client: Advanced Transaction Solutions, Inc.


Advanced Transaction Solutions, Inc., a leader in turnkey multi-transactional kiosks, developed the first ever stand-alone lending kiosk.  This ATM-like machine allows customers to apply for a loan of up to $500 by entering certain pieces information.  Within minutes, the customer can be approved for a loan on-the-spot, with the cash being dispensed right from the machine.  A loan agreement and payment details are printed along with a receipt.  The potential for this kiosk model is projected to skyrocket - especially within the casino industry.

My job was multi-faceted.  I was to create an identity, design the user experience for the kiosk's 21" vertical touch-screen, and apply the approved brand style to the kiosk's exterior wrap decals and all marketing material.

  • Brand Identity

  • UI Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Exterior Decal Design

  • Marketing & Promotional 




ATS required an interface design that would be very easy to use and visually engaging.  Because this transaction is a money-lending routine, the look and feel needed to be "exciting, modern, mature and fun."  Before any screen design was considered, an identity needed to be created that would convey these adjectives prominently. Research on colors, shapes and design elements using these words was done.  A logo was designed and approved. From this, a color palette and style guide were developed as a base for all further design deliverables.


The interface needed to be extremely easy to use, similar to the ease of withdrawing cash at a standard ATM, yet it needed to also stand out vibrantly, resonate energy and most importantly, leave no question unanswered in the mind of the customer.

With an identity established, it was time to construct the experience itself.  The client submitted the loan process routine in a linear time flow chart.  I then began roughly sketching out the interface.

When the sketching was done, it was cross-checked multiple times to ensure that the flow of the transaction was correct.  A rough prototype was generated and tested with a select group of user test participants. I discovered that a majority of them were expecting the kiosk loan application process to be far more complex than it was for them.  However, it was quite well received and scored extremely high on usability testing criteria.                                                                            



My favorite part. Working from the style guide I had established for the CASH-N-GO brand, I began crafting the master layout for the lending screen set.  Each element - from the buttons to the instructional motion graphics and animated progress bars - was custom designed for this unique kiosk product

Because this kiosk boasts a large, 21" portrait touch-screen, we opted to make only the lower half of the screen functional for user input.  The upper half could then be populated with strategic digital content -supporting static images, video, Shockwave, and even live broadcast, cable, or network signals.

Several specific wireframe sets were created to separate functionality categories for the development team.  In this example, the alerts, progress and error messages and instructional motion graphic files were called attention to and provided to the developer responsible for those particular elements in the transaction routine.

Minor functionality changes were made based on user testing and input.  Wireframes were updated and included in a master change log and final tests began on a fully functioning money-lending kiosk.


An effective product and a happy client - these are results I continually strive for and which fuel and enhance the passion I have for my work. Please visit the CASH-N-GO portfolio page to view additional design solutions created for this revolutionary product.

         “Jon invested hours learning about my product’s brand personality, mission, and style. He was completely transparent about his process and always kept me involved. It was up to Jon to really translate everything we’d discussed to a logo, marketing materials, website, touch-screen design and layout - and the results blew me away.  The design concept is playful but clean, and the colors pop beautifully. The logo is visually distinct and professional, and I’m excited to display it every chance I get!  I’m grateful to have found Jon for such a unique product, and will continue to utilize his amazing talents.”


President, ATS Inc.

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